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Linseed oil is a fantastic all-natural makeup remover for the face. Apply a few drops on a wet sponge before applying to the face. Linseed oil serves a dual purpose by removing cosmetic residue while also assisting in the rehydration of the skin.
For the body: Organic linseed oil is a beneficial antioxidant that combats eczema and psoriasis symptoms. This kind of skin condition is typically brought on by a deficiency in fatty acids. The use of flaxseed oil results in softer, better-looking skin.

Through the technique of cold pressing, ARGAVEL obtains it high grade Linseed oil Flaxseed. This oil can be colorless to yellowish and is thick.


The seeds are used to produce linseed oil. It provides lovely and healthy skin and hair and is especially excellent for cosmetic uses.

Linseed oil hydrates the skin and gives the tissue flexibility and resilience when it is applied topically. It has linoleic acid, which promotes suppleness and aids in controlling moisture levels. Linseed oil can be applied to both face and body skin, and it is especially beneficial for elbows and knees because they have a tendency to dry out the skin more quickly. To avoid dryness and redness, linseed oil can also be used in place of hand cream. While doing household chores or other tasks that exert a lot of stress on the skin, this is especially helpful.

For the hair: Linseed oil moisturizes and rebuilds the structure of the hair fiber to help prevent and naturally minimize split ends.
After shampooing, adding a few drops of linseed oil to the hair will also help reduce frizz and give the hair luster and a healthy appearance. Towel-dried hair is treated with oil. An effective natural solution to rebuild the hair fiber and give the hair elasticity and luster is to apply one or two tablespoons of linseed oil to the hair 30 minutes before washing. It controls sebum production, maintains scalp normalcy, and aids in the fight against dandruff. Apply a few drops of linseed oil to your scalp before washing your hair.


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